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25 Things you should know before launching a startup


Entrepreneurship is like a man riding a lion. People think, ‘This guy’s brave.’ And he’s thinking, ‘How the hell did I get on a lion, and how do I keep from getting eaten?

1. The freedom and sense of ownership that comes with launching a startup is unparalleled. To be able to use one’s skills and implement ideas with nobody to boss you around is exhilarating.

2. There are no dreadful Monday blues because you are working on something closest to your heart, so its not work at all, it’s fun! Yes, there definitely is a charm to a startup.

3. Before launching your startup you may not be 100% sure of what it is exactly that you want to do. You are not the only one. It often happens. As long as deep in your heart you know that this is it, go ahead!

4. You may be starting alone, or have a friend or more as co-founder(s). It is always better to have someone by your side.

5. The first days of working on the idea are unforgettable. The days blend into nights and you and your team relentlessly work on launching the next big thing.

6. Each time someone listens to your idea or checks out your product / service, you get butterflies in your stomach waiting for their criticism. Even if you are the I-don’t-care-what-people-say kind, you know inputs matter.

7. You pull up a ton of statistics to analyze the performance. Is it doing good? Very good? Has it already failed?

8. But if there is one thing that anyone who has launched a startup, or worked in one, or has been remotely associated with the person having launched or worked in the startup; is that it is not easy. So after all sunshine, rain and gloom may await you at the next corner. Are you ready?

9. Around 10% startups succeed. Are you one of them? No one told you before starting up that success and failure do not actually have 50-50 chances. Once things start going not-so-great, or reach your expectations, you start worrying.

10. But wait! You are not alone! Failures at initial stages are common and may not necessarily dictate what happens next. What actually matters is what you do next.

11. Do you give up?

12. Do you persevere?

13. Do you pivot?

14. You see, before launching a startup you may have been told that “your idea is zilch”, but you refused to believe it. And you did something that no one believed you could do. It is your moral obligation to NOT GIVE UP and keep going.

15. But at the same time, it is important to be intelligent and analyze the idea, the team, the work process, at the right junctures. If you think the idea needs a push in another direction, don’t hesitate to give it a shot.

16. Don’t hesitate to ask for help. It is very important to have a human support system from the first day. You will need help in various avenues and for that you will need people. You cannot just hire a person for everything in the initial days, so you will literally have to beg for help from people who can help you. There is always genuine help offered if you look in the right places.

17. There will be naysayers who will be harsh. Sometimes what they say could also be useful. Listen to the devil to find meaning in his words. For example if someone criticizes your product, try to find ways to make it better. There is actually immense joy in shutting up someone 😀

18. No one tells you before you start up that it is not a cakewalk.

19. That there are no weekends.

20. Your friends and family may disown you because you stopped meeting them or spending time with them.

21. You may even envy your friends earning high packages, enjoying leisurely Sundays with families.

22. There will be days when you will doubt the path you chose.

23. But let me remind you something; success comes to those who take the path less chosen, and walk on it relentlessly till their feet bleed and sweat mingles with dust.

24. So if no one has told you before launching your start up this, here it is in plain sight: You can do it, and you will.

25. Do the right thing and never give up!

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