Now you can ask the atm machine to cough up cash even during power cuts, thanks to Gramateller.

The ATM named Gramateller has been developed by a Chennai based company called Vortex Engineering in association with IIT Madras. The founder of the company, Mr L Kannan himself is a mechanical engineer graduate from the same college. He has been working with NGOs to carry out various developmental initiatives to create wealth and empower the poor.

The ATM has been installed in Wai, a small town in Satara district, Maharashtra; and the people are happy as this is just what they needed as they typically face power cuts of 4 hours to 12 hours daily.

With its unique capability of consuming less than 100 watts of power, quality of notes, biometric authentication, alternative option to PIN and functioning without air conditioners has granted it five patents till now. And all this for only Rs 175000 as compared to a conventional cost of 1 million. It can even run on solar power.

Good work Mr Kannan!


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