Rehetoriezn is a call center, which is open

24/7, 365 DAYS A YEAR!

Rehetoriezn runs two shifts, where each shift work for 10 hours (at stretch) resulting in low sales volume, the big boss was worried with the performance of his employees so he approached
Rehetoriezn manager with his question, i.e. why his people weren’t producing their quota of work?

Manager seem to be tense he replied,“I don’t know. I’ve fired the men, I’ve pushed them, I’ve threatened them. But nothing works.

They just won’t produce 

The big boss said,” let me handle this“. At 8pm when morning shift ends big boss call the team leader asked: “how many items his shift sold today?”

30 Sir!!!

Big boss without another word, chalked a big 30 on the floor and walked away.

When the night shift came in, they saw the “30” and asked what it meant.

Manager replied,”the big boss was in here today, he chalked down on the floor total sales made by morning shift.”
“The next morning big boss turn to the Rehetoriezn again. He noticed the night shift had rubbed out “30” and replaced it with



When day shift turn up to work, the saw “33”. So the night shift thought they were better than the day shift, are they? Well they will show the night shift a thing or two. The crew pitched in with passion and when they quit, they left behind


Thing started working out.

Rehetoriezn, started to turn out more sales than any other call centre in the market.

What big boss has done to Rehetoriezn is nothing new…He just threw up a challenge, every human being has a desire to excel, the desire for a feeling of importance. Every successful person loves: the game of challenges. The chance for self-expression to prove his worth.

All men have fears, but the brave put down their fears and go forward 🙂

The most motivating factor- on the job is not money, nor good working conditions or fringe benefits, it is the work itself. If the work is exciting and interesting, the worker looked forward to it and remain motivated.
So, if your staff not producing a good result,
throw up a challange.

Harsh Sharma, TIF



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