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There is a fear factor in all of us. It may be of various kinds in diverse kinds of people.

There are many examples in our everyday life like when someone gets a high position in the society or gets huge amount of money, there is a constant fear of losing it. Then jealously i.e. seeing the success of others, might make you fear something or someone. The feeling that others can equalize or exceed us and thereby snatch our position or rank in the society makes us develop fear in us.

Then this starts to make us realize that all the success that we have achieved in our life is due to fate and not due to our hard work and dedication.

And then we indulge in superstitious practices like going to some “tantrik”, “jadu-tona” and all that age old practices which are of no use!! It just takes up hell lot of money and our energy and ruins our life in the process.

Fear is natural but it is definitely not inevitable. Believe in god, believe in yourself, have confidence in you and success is a guarantee. You yourself are responsible for success and failure.

Natasha, TIF


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