So you had your stint as a freelancer and then went on for a full time desk job. Well congrats! But let me tell you, soon you will start missing all the awesomeness & freedom you had as a freelancer.

Here are the 11 things that you surely gonna miss my former-freelancer-friend!

The Morning Sleep

And no alarm clocks!

The No-one-is-my-Boss Attitude

Remember those million times when you bragged about it in front of your friends.

The Coffee-Laptop-Couch Trio

You can’t find the same in any office, unless you got lucky enough to be at Google or Facebook.

Everyday was a Saturday!

Up for a Party?? Any day bro.. Well, not anymore.

The Movie-Marathons

Gone are the days when you could lock yourself up and watch back-to-back sequels of Fast and Furious or Avengers and many more.

Munching whole day

Mom I’m hungry… in every half an hour.

Your favourite games. Roger that!

All of us had that extra hard drive full of Counter Strike, World of Tanks, NFS and the list goes on.

Alternate Day Baths

Well, that is on a brighter side. Sometimes it took a week.

Online All Day

Internet used to be the second-home.

Glued to live cricket

or soccer or me any sport dude!

First Day First shows

Oops.. Friday is NOT a holiday anymore.

Buddy, get out of the nostalgia! Its office tomorrow. And if you’re reading this in your office, may the Lord be with you!


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