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Mitticool Refrigerator!


Mansukhbhai Prajapati, a Gujarat based craftsman has caught everyone’s attention with his “Mitticool”. The President of India presented him with the national award for the same in the year 2009. Scientists and journalists from across the world have visited his unit to see how he makes eco-friendly products at a low cost.This eco hero is a school drop out and he is one of the few succesfull entrepreneurs for whom money isn’t the driving force. His ambition is to make more low-cost and eco-friendly products for the masses.

“A good majority of Indians cannot buy a fridge as it is expensive. Besides this, electricity bills and maintenance cost is also high. Mitticool is an eco-friendly product, which has no maintenance costs. It also retains the original taste of vegetables”, says Mansukhbhai who has sold 1500 units so far.

“I failed in the tenth standard. But I was not disappointed as I knew that I was capable of making something new,” says Mansukhbhai who holds a patent for Mitticool.

He is the pride of India for sure. Who could of thought of the simple innovation that apart from its many advantages is a masterpiece in itself! Today when everyone is running after rocket science and nuclear science, they have gone a long way away from Mother Nature. Mansukhbhai reminds us that it is the lap of Mother Nature that all the secrets of science lie. It is here that one needs to seek the answers to the most efficient ways of living.

He has been popularizing earthen products since 1988. The only drawback for him is the lack of stores to sell them. The products are mostly available in Gujarat and in some stores in Mumbai and Pune only. Besides, the low-cost fridge, he has developed a water filter, non-stick tava and a pressure cooker all made of clay. And he has many more innovative ideas.

About the fridge: The fridge is made of clay and it takes ten people to make the fridge in a day. It can store water, fruits and vegetables for 8 days and milk for a day. The cost presently is Rs 2500 only. His sales are majorly in Gujarat. Outside Gujarat, he sets up displays/exhibitions of his products where consumers may purchase them. Also one can see him at the ITF every year surrounded by eager consumers.


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