Sachin Garg has always been an all-rounder. During his school days, be it academics, sports or even literary activities, he was ahead in all. “My first brush with creative writing happened when I won a consolation prize in a story writing competition held at my school. That was the time I realized that I could also write and thus, the first seed of my writing career was sown. However, I had little idea that it would be something I would be known for in the future,” said Garg.

Success is always a result of hard work and as it is rightly said, there is no shortcut to success. One also needs to be fearless. You need to have the courage to take important decisions and huge risks as well as face the consequences of your choices. Have a dream and believe in it. And if you then work for it, giving it your everything, nothing can stop you from succeeding.

Post-schooling Garg appeared for various engineering entrance examinations and was offered a seat in Civil Engineering Department of Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Delhi, Mechanical Engineering in IIT Guwahati and Electronics Engineering at Delhi College of Engineering (DCE), among others. Garg chose DCE. “There were two major reasons behind it. Firstly, I was sure that DCE is a college which nurtures the complete personality of every student. So I was keen on getting into it. Secondly, I loved Electronics Engineering and it was the stream I wanted to join. DCE had the sound infrastructure for the same. So it was the obvious choice,” reminisced Garg, who joined the institute in 2004.

FAVOURITE QUOTE: “The question isn’t who is going to let me. It’s who is going to stop me,” Ayn Rand. It has always inspired me to strive for what I really want to do and never shy away from big risks.

During his initial days at college, Garg was overwhelmed by the amount of activities taking place in the college. Every other day, there was something or the other happening and Garg made full use of the given opportunity. He even participated in the Mr. Fresher contest and was selected among the final three. “Most of my special memories from college were on the sports field. Apart from that, all the special relationships I forged in college remain another high point,” he said, adding, “In fact, at a later stage, when I became a professional writer, lot of my inspiration came from DCE and the time spent here. I wrote my first book ‘Never Let Me Go…’ inspired from my first year at college. Even my next book ‘It’s First Love.. just like the last one!’ was about my second year in DCE. The subsequent book is going to be about my third year at college and the one after that will be about my fourth year. So, one can well imagine how inspired I have been by DCE.”

The college also provided Garg the right ambience and opportunities to develop varied interests. On the one side, he was blogging at, which became an instant rage and on the other hand, he was playing football for Cosmos Football Club. In the second year, he spent a large chunk of time working on his new found passion for robotics and in third year he went to Paris for his summer internship. “A lot of good things were happening to me at college and it was a nice feeling. I would go to the extent of saying that my stay at DCE was the turning point of my life. Several decisions, personal and career related were taken during that time. And I look back to that time with great fondness. One of the most important lessons I learnt at DCE was that nothing is impossible, if you are committed to your goal,” he remarked.


Nothing is impossible. With proper hard work and willpower, everything is possible. Just believe in yourself and your dream and of course, work for it. You will get there. For some, it might be sooner, but we all will eventually get there, if only we try.

There is another quote I remember,

“Ships are safer in the harbour but  they are not meant for that purpose. Fortune favors the brave.”

Work on this principle and you will be way ahead than those who never tried.

After graduation, like many other engineers, Garg also enrolled for an MBA programme at Management Development Institute, Gurgaon and found placement with JSW Group that involved working in a small village of Karnataka. After being there for a year, Garg quit his job and took to writing on a full-time basis. His novel ‘I’m Not Twenty Four…I’ve been nineteen for five years!’ was released in 2010 and turned out to be a best-seller. In 2011, Garg joined hands with a former DCEite and writer Durjoy Datta to start their own publishing house, ‘Grapevine India Publishers’ – a community of authors, which was set up with the vision of filling the gap between the interests of the authors and the publishers. According to Garg, “Quitting my cushy job and becoming an entrepreneur was the biggest turning point of my life. It was a moment of great emotions for me as well as of a big risk. The idea of starting Grapevine India was very thrilling but equally scary. Thankfully, the company is running smooth and its future looks bright. I believe all this became possible largely because of my conditioning at DCE that nothing is impossible. I believe it has helped me make some really bold decisions in life.”

Success for Garg lies in having a good night sleep at night. “When you come home and have a sound sleep, you know you are on the right track. Contentment is another important thing. Being content about the way you have adopted in getting something and also getting it is success. Success is always a result of hard work and as it is rightly said, there is no shortcut to success. One also needs to be fearless. You need to have the courage to take important decisions and huge risks as well as face the consequences of your choices. Have a dream and believe in it. And if you then work for it, giving it your everything, nothing can stop you from succeeding. This is how it worked in my case atleast,” informed Garg, who draws inspiration from different things around him. This young DCEite has been felicitated with the ‘Young Achiever Award, 2010’ by The
Pioneer, Gurgaon Edition and is often invited as a speaker at various forums.

Sachin Garg Books List

  • We need a Revolution
  • Come On, Inner Peace: I Don’t Have All Day!
  • Never Let Me Go…
  • I’m Not Twenty Four… I’ve Been Nineteen for Five Years…
  • It’s First Love!: …Just Like The Last One!


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