Job seekers do not leave any stone unturned to get that dream job. Whether you are changing your job or getting the first placement in your campus, you have to work really hard to be there!

After doing so much, there is one place where many bright ones too falter.

Your social networking updates

Many organisations today are assessing your Facebook, Orkut, Twitter, LinkedIn profiles for which they are especially hiring third party verifications. Your updates on your accounts tell them about your lifestyle, your thinking process and how you behave with the society; how seriously you take your work and so on. A complete profile assessment lets them know more about you than any rigorous interview!!!

Even those who think they are safely enjoying a job have to be careful. In case you post something abusive about your boss or colleagues, buddy, you might be packing your things soon.

Hiring is a very subjective process, and HR managers have the freedom to hire or reject a candidate based on his or her online social networking behavior,” said Nandita Gurjar, Group Head (HR), Infosys Technologies.

It started with IT hiring, but is spreading to other industry verticals,” says Madan Padaki, CEO of skill assessment firm MeriTrack.

In one case, one client in the firm Authbridge was rejected from the Director’s position as they found a discrepancy in his graduation year mentioned in the company records and on LinkedIn. “When we did a due diligence, we found that he had failed in 1979 but he had not revealed that to our client,” says Ajay Trehan, Founder and CEO

This trend is being adopted by more organisations every day.

So people, be careful; big brother is watching you!!!


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