There is pretty significant rise in number of students doing internship at startup companies over the past few years. Going by figures, there are 30% more students from IIT Bombay and almost 100% from IIM Bangalore who went for internships at start up companies in the last three years. So what is it about these budding entrepreneurial ventures that are drawing these elite students in large numbers?

When a student is assigned something in a big, established company, more often than not, the role is reduced to a mere nothing-significant. Big companies can seldom assign important and affecting projects to interning students. Whereas, in a startup, such a student is exposed to a microcosm where a world of opportunities exist. They get more practical experience that is definitely beneficial in their future career options.

The challenging factor is seen as a big plus point. When you are done with the internship and after a few months or a year sit for an interview for a high package job, the interviewer is bound to be impressed by your risk taking factor and how you handled it ( of course, if you ended up messing the work, it will not work).

As an intern in a start up, your responsibility is manifolds. Generally, everybody interacts with everybody, and the intern accumulates a mass of knowledge in many fields. For example, the student might be assigned a technical project in the start up, but in the process, he will also learn about managing, dealing, task management and a lot more. In a big company, it is pretty difficult to get your work appreciated by even the project head, let alone everyone in the company. It is also more intimidating and awkward to ask questions from CEO of the big company than a startup, where you might actually meet a CEO of your own age.

A start up depend heavily on contacts and networking. The intern is bound to learn a lot here and in the process build his own network!

The biggest perk can be getting a job! If a start up decides that your internship inputs have been really beneficial for the company, they might end up offering you a good package themselves. This cannot be expected always in a big company.

With less people around, your value counts. And later, the experience you gain counts even more.

No wonder, students from IITs, IIMs and other colleges are going for internships at start ups!


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