There was a time when the neatly parted hair and well ironed clothes were all that mattered apart from your skills to get a job. Alas, the good old simple days are gone. Now more than a lot of things, your social media presence plays an important role in getting your dream job (or any job!). Here is how you can use social media to your advantage. We will specifically talk about Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn here.

It is all about networking

The numbers game is critical in Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Say you are following 100 people and you have 150 followers, that is okayish impressive. But if you follow 100 people and have 1000 followers, now that is a lot better and beneficial. As regards Facebook, having useless fake profiles in your friend list will only reduce your credibility. Have a “clean” FB profile. How? To start with, do not accept every other friend request. When you get one, go the person’s profile page once and see what he/she is up to. It might be another perv out to increase his friend list just for the heck of it. In LinkedIn, again have the right and important people in your circles.

Prioritizing purposes

As a general rule, Facebook is for social fun, Twitter is for instant updates and LinkedIn is completely professional. If you simply have to have loads of fun on social media, maintain a separate Facebook Profile for friends, family. You can chose to post vacation plans or heart broken status updates, whatever. But do not make this profile public. Any person not on your friend list should not be able to see anything of this profile. The reason is simple. In case your prospective employer comes across a photo album that shows you passed out on a beach with bottles of beer and scantily clad women all around, you will not set a good impression (read: no job).

LinkedIn should be absolutely sparkling. With the new set of features, you can very well maintain an impressive portfolio, get testimonials from people that matter, in a good language. For heaven’s sake do not have a testi that reads “He z sch a gud guy, he stole mah hr8”.

Look out for opportunities

Big companies are going online to advertise about job openings, keep an eye out for those. Also, if you have one dream company, try to befriend (online of course) employees of that company (preferably in good position). That will serve two purposes

  1. They get to occasionally see your work, your updates.
  2. You can look at their updates and get an idea of the work culture and environment.

Being influential

Companies are increasingly looking for people who are not only good at what they do, but also have good people skills, and are “influential”. And here, the numbers game come into serious consideration.

Once you get a job though, remember How not to get fired for posting something on Facebook!


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