We are going fast… but where? , Really we don’t know. Actually we are not going fast while our life going with speed of life. Who is know where will be ending.

Sometimes ago I saw a facebook status. She wrote on her wall ‘world is going too fast. I am not capable to compete with’. We are teenager and we are updating kinda status. But

I know she was right at that moment. We are living, playing, laughing, sleeping… blah blah! But don’t know why? We aren’t enjoying life and it is the damn truth at present we are not human perhaps we have changed in robot. A robot which is operating by Windows and android kind of software’s . Are we keeping our life in balance? We are living for success or in simply way only for piece, not for love and peace.

One song reminds me ‘when problems are not so simple, goodbye is the only way’.

Shivam Mittal, TIF


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