The title is not at all misleading. I do have my bright moments when all the good enlightening thoughts come to my mind. As long as this state of mind remains like this, felt it will be best to jot it down for your benefit as well as later reference for myself. Read ahead fellow entrepreneurs!

#1 – Always look on the bright side

There are times when all looks lost like when you look into your pocket and realize you have a lot of money but you will need to keep it to pay your employees, and in the end you have but a penny left. But looking on the brighter side, you should be happy that one more month has been spent constructively and your employees are happy that your start up did not let them down.

Also there could be moments when you are desperately in the lookout for a skilled professional but cannot get it for unfathomable reasons, relax. The right person for the job will come one fine day.

#2 – Manage time wisely

The task list keeps increasing when you keep pushing things to be done later. Like that one unread email that asks you to respond about a certain idea or that file you had to maintain but have not yet started. Don’t keep tasks pending for a free Sunday morning. The first rule of being an entrepreneur is you have no Sundays or any holiday for that matter. Start doing the small things on time, like appropriately replying to emails, making the phone calls. When the small things are out of the way, you get more time to work on the bigger things like doing the coding work for your website or planning to take over the world.

#3 – Trust your instincts but don’t let them run your decisions

It is a big responsibility to take all the right decisions. Sometimes a new idea seems fabulous when it comes to your mind in the middle of the night, but next morning when you explain it to others, it sounds pretty crappy. Don’t worry, it’s not a startling phenomenon, it happens all the time to everyone. Whenever a new idea comes to your mind, jot it down. Then plan it meticulously and debate yourself on its pros and cons. Finally when you have convinced yourself, then present it to others.

#4 – You cannot take over the world overnight  

Harsh as it may sound, it simply does not happen! Even if you have been putting all your energy into work 24×7 for the past month, there are very low chances that positive changes be seen immediately. But you need to convince yourself somehow that the hard work has not been in vain. It takes time for numbers to increase, or plans to work out.

As a motivating factor, now and then look at the numbers over a wider time range say how your company has improved over 6 months or a year.

#5 – You cannot do all the work yourself

The sooner you learn this, the better it is for you. You may feel that the only right person to do a particular job is only yourself, after all who else can understand the complexities involved in doing it the right way? But if you start doing everything yourself, you will do nothing right. Trust your partners, your employees. Show them the right way. It will take a tad longer time, but you will get more time to think ahead and do what you are best at.

#6 – Just started your entrepreneurial startup?

The only advice for the newcomers is – have patience and be confident. If everyone around you is happy with what you are doing, then you are not doing it right. There are bound to be people who say “Are you crazy?” “Have you gone insane?” “Why this stupid idea?” learn to take criticism in your stride, but also learn from them. If someone says your idea is bad, ask them why. Perhaps they will actually find a flaw or loophole in your idea.


#7 – Be open to new ideas and inputs

You might be intelligent and well wisher for your startup, but there can be others too. Entrepreneurs are like one big crazy family, ready to help out eachother. Talk to other entrepreneurs, learn from their mistakes and their right decisions. And don’t feel shy in accepting when you go wrong. Your ego must never come in the way of your start up’s success!

#8 – Think all this is bullshit?

Maybe! I know there are hundreds of entrepreneurs out there who have learnt a lot more than I have. I will be eager to get their point of view.

Feel free to criticize, praise, (don’t abuse, that is sort of against our comments policy!) add more points! Will be waiting for your response!


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